Thursday, March 27, 2008

I just wanted to share some new things with you. First off some birthday cards I received...

I wanted to give a thank you to my SBS2 Sister Kathleen for making me the card on the left and to my SCS friend Terri (SilentRN) for making me the card on the right. Thank you so much!!! Both these cards brightened up my day.

I received my upper tier to my clip it up yesterday. I had fun putting everything on it but ran out of clips so I had to order some more today and fill up the rest of the top tier.

Since I have been on my organzing mode, I decided this past weekend to tackle my Prima flowers. I organized them by flower type into little baggies (okay I am trying to use up all my baggies I have.) lol!

I have this little trunk thing that has a floral image on it so I put all of my flowers in here to store them for now. I may store them another way later, but this will work for now. I wish I had enough space to hang them all up on my clip it up, but I dont' think I do as I already have it mostly full. I just love looking at Prima flowers they are so pretty! Looking at them makes me happy!!!

I may be organizing more things in my stamp room this weekend. I'll share them when I am done. I don't know why I have been on such an organizing kick, but I guess it's not a bad thing. lol!

Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL weekend!!! :-)


Godelieve said...

Hope you had a wonderful birthday Samantha! Your clip it up looks really handy (and filled *LOL*), I also like the white spinning storage box I see on the photo.

Marilyn said...

Great cards - love your clip up - that is a great way to store things! Love all those flowers you've got too - would love to have all those at my disposal!

Melissa said...

Fabulous! Have I mentioned before how much I love all of the pink in your studio? It makes me want one of those lights really, really bad!

And how how about that mat in your header photo? Did you get that locally or was it an online order?

Either way, everything is awesome!

Many Blessings,

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Happy Birthday Samantha!
So, when you are all done organizing your place, I could use your skills... I'm swimmin' in 'stuff'!! Needs a nice makeover.. and I love your scrappy space!
Have a great day...

MEG BEE said...

Love how organized you are. I wish I could get like that. Great new items too... Love the birthday cards.


Sandy O said...

Happy Birthday!!! Organizing those flowers was no small task. Since I stamp in my dinning room (which we have not dined in since I took it over, LOL, except for Easter Sunday) I really have to limit my organization to using no wall space. This is really hard for me, LOL. Yesterday I used velcro to stick all of my punches to the ouside of my stamping cabinet. I wonder if I can stick an inkpad holder like yours on it too {{{wink}}} Thanks for sharing some of you organizing tips!

Anonymous said...

I love the clip it up accessories!! they work really great! I don't have the tiers, but I used the hook and clipped it on my wire shelves for all chipboards and it works great!!

I love checking your blog! :)

Corie said...

Oh my you have a lot of primas!!!