Saturday, July 26, 2008

My scrap paper storage

orYes, more organizing going on here. lol!....Ever since using my Cricut, I have accumulated a TON of scrap paper. I don't want to toss it all as I know I could use it for smaller images. I couldn't think of how to store it. I have so much. I wanted to easily be able to find what I needed. I found this at Target. I Just LOVE it, it's perfect for storing my scrap paper. I organize my scraps by red/pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black/brown/tan. My white is stored elsewhere.

Here's a picture of the drawers. They are more like compartments as they have a top on them and you open them up. I like that I can carry them to my workspace if I know I'll be using a lot of one color.

This is what the drawer looks like when you take it out.

I store my patterned paper in a 12x12 plastic bag so that I can easily take it out when needed.

Under that I store my solid scraps loosely. I love that they are organized by color and I can fit both my solid and patterned scraps of paper together.

Thanks for looking, I hope others will find this useful as well! :-)


savitri said...

This is great. My scraps are piling up on the floor!! :(

~Michelle~ said...

Looks strangely familiar! I have several sets of drawers...patterned, unpatterned and SU! similarily diveded by color! Very handy I'd have to say!!! Enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

In what area of Target can these storage containers be found. I have look all over the store and can't seem to find them.

Thank you so much

AmyC said...

I like your scrap storage system. I may have to look into getting something like this. It seems that my scraps are taking over sometimes. ;)