Thursday, July 24, 2008

My new Cricut cartridge storage idea for crops and travel

This is my new Cricut cartridge storage for crops. I swear I organize things way to much.. lol! This is so much easier for me to bring to crops and travel with vs how I was storing them before in this post I will still store them that way in my scrap room, but this is better for when I need to travel or go to crops and bring all my cartridges. Wish I had this on my last trip back home, would have been much easier to use and takes up a lot less space!

I got this very cute case at Target this past weekend. It was around 7.00 or so and comes with three different compartments and some storage dividers and tops. This is what it looks like completely snapped together.

This is one of the compartments that comes with the dividers and and tops. (pictured with the tops on the compartments)

I can store all my Cricut cartridges in here (glad there's space left for two cartridges as I am waiting on my storybook and graphically speaking pre-orders to be shipped) Plus when I run out of room with this one I can just buy another and snap it on for more storage.

In this compartment I store all my cartridge overlays. Same thing when I run out of space I can just snap another one on and store more.

In the last compartment, I store my extra blades, and can store some of my cricut tools that come in the cricut tool kit as well.

Thanks for looking and I hope I have inspired someone to organize their cartridges this way to bring to crops or travel. I really love this idea a lot. It seems to work really well for me, so I wanted to share it with everyone in hopes that someone else would love it as well! :-)


Lori said...

Great idea on storage. I use a drawer in my desk that works for me but if I ever need to travel with mine, I'll know what to get:)

Sandy O said...

Well...THAT'S A LOT of cartiriges :) I just got a cricut and have 3 cartridges so far. I have not really used it yet, since I ended up with a bad mat and had to wait for the replacement. I suppose I could have jsut bought another one...but it was worth the wait to have the money for other stamping stuff ;) Thank you for sharing your storage idea for when I have more!

Saige/Grace said...

You are quite the enabler, aren't you! Now see what you're making me buy!

Seriously, I love your ideas!

Gracie at