Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New Cricut Shoulder Bag Review

Today I received my new Cricut shoulder bag and thought I would post a review. My camera is taking really bad pictures today I think something is wrong with it so I apologize in advance.

This is the bag closed with the baby bug in it. I forgot to take a picture of it closed with the big bug in it.
Here is the bag with the baby bug inside. It fits WONDERFULLY and is VERY EASY to get in and out of the bag. There's not much room to put anything else in the bag. There is just the two pockets on the front backside of the front of the bag that you see.

This is a picture of the bag with the Big Bug in it. It is NOT easy to get the big bug in at all. I had such a hard time litterally SHOVING it in. lol! It is also VERY hard to get the big bug out of this as well. I have a feeling I will not be using the big bug in this bag, this was very disappointing to me as I was hoping to have a bag that I could fit either bug in easily.

It fits well on my table that has all my cartridges inside. lol! :-)

The bag is pretty sturdy. In the bottom is a pad that you can change the size of to fit the bottom of the big or baby bug. It has a pad on the shoulder strap for comfort which is nice and a velcro thing that will hold both handles together which is nice. I love the color and print it's a cute little bag, seems secure enough for both bugs. The zippers do tend to get stuck a little bit on the sides of the bag. You need to unzip both sides in order for the bag to expand to fit the big bug.

I hope that my review will help you all make a informed deciscion about this bag. I really don't like it to carry the big bug, but it is PERFECT for the little bug so I'll be keeping it for now.


Cat said...

Thanks for the review. Lucky you.

Love your blog!


Creation Station said...

Thanks for the was great! Nice to get an honest opinion. Since its a very snug fit with the big bug..I may have to look into a different bag or storage type.. :) Appreciate the hard work, and thanks for the visual aid!!

Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

Hey Sistah!
GOrgeous bag. I have been eyeballing a Cricut BIG time since I found out you can use .cut files that you make. Yummy! heehee.
:O) I was wondering if you got my email about SBS2 & renewing our vows? I'm thinkin' I might have the wrong email address for you? It's a hotmail account if that helps. If you could let me know if you got it that'd be super:
Thanks! Hugs, :O) Mel

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Cool review! Love your scrap room...I so need to organize mine. I have that same MM shelf unit...I love it. Love your blog. cherry

scubascrapper brandi said...

I so agree with you about the E going into the bag. It is extremely hard, but I have done it so much now that the bag has stretched out so that it will go in easier now.