Sunday, August 09, 2009

Trying to get some inspiration and mojo back

These past two weeks I have started going back to the cricut message boards and some blogs trying to find some inspiration to start again. I have had no mojo to scrap lately. I hadn't even been in my scraproom since November of last year. I just went in there last week trying to organize and clean some.

I have been going through infertility treatments and it has drained me physically and emotionally. We are doing our last one this month (or sixth one this year including a surgery I had to have as well for it) And now I am finally starting to want to create again.

If anyone has any good ideas for getting some inspiration that would be wonderful, even if you just post a link to your blog, I'll stop by and check it out. I just really need to get my crafting mojo back. I miss creating and sharing with everyone.

Thank you! :-)


9kids said...

So glad to see you posting to your blog ~ I know how draining the tx can be, since we used IUI and IVF many times before finally being blessed with our son.

The fact that you're here is the first step ~ maybe making a card for someone going through a difficult situation would help? Or maybe looking at some challenges ~ even if you have to force yourself initially?

If you send me your snail mail, I'd love to send you a card to help get you back in the crafting mood :0


Dell said...

Hugs to you with all the treatments you have been through. That has to be exhausting.

I too have been suffering from lack of craft mojo from the heat of the summer. However, I attended CHA last weekend and I am ready to craft all over again. Check out my blog for some cool make and takes I did at CHA.

Teresa and Brian said...

I am glad that you are trying to get back into creating - it can be hard. While I haven't gone through complete infertility treatment (IUI and IVF) I was seeing a reproductive specialist for a year.

I know the feeling of being drained and things wearing you out and this is a great first step! I agree with Marla that a card for someone going through a difficult situation might be a good place to start. Maybe even completely the opposite, what ever your favorite card is, make another!

Good luck Samantha and I will keep you in my thoughts!

Teresa :)

reflections:0) said...

So glad to see you back, just take it slow and something may tickle your fancy....