Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Gypsy is airing on HSN on 9/24/09. Wahoo!!! :-)

The Cricut Gypsy will be making it's debut on HSN on 9/24/09 @ 12 am. So glad I don't have to be at work till later that next day, so I can stay up and watch. lol! I can't wait to watch it and learn more about the gypsy. It looks like such a fun tool. I could see myself using it on lunch breaks, at the dr's office, on trips, at crops. I think the possibilities are endless.

You can get more information by clicking on the box above

Also check out cuttingabove.blogspot.com to WIN a Gypsy. How exciting is that!!! They are giving away a chance to win a Cricut Gypsy on there blog. Go check out their blog if you have a chance. They are a fairly new blog, that I just found out about today, I love finding new Cricut related blogs :-)


Okay, well I really need to be getting into my craft room to create, I just can't stay away from the cricut message boards and I keep finding new and exciting things that are coming out. Talk to you all soon!!! :-)

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