Thursday, October 22, 2009

Got my Gypsy!!!

I decided to just go for it! I went to M's tonight and got my gypsy! Now to go play with it :-)

I hope I love it :-)

*ETA-Just played with it some and have no problem with the screen size (i'm supposed to wear glasses but half the time I don't) the screen is nice and bright which helps. Some of the icons are small to see, but I like that you can click on them to make them bigger, I just wish I knew how to click on them to make them bigger with out "selecting" the image while I do it. lol! I need to download the manuel to print it out so I can learn what everything does. I think it will be great to travel and not have to bring all my carts! (plus my dh is happy he doesn't have to carry everything for me when I pack all my scrap stuff for travel. lol!)

This weekend I'm going to the track so I'll have more time to play and create. I'll give more of an idea of how I like it after the weekend is over :-)


Sheryl said...

Did u get the newest special M's has with the extra bonus points, 2 solutions carts, and $100 in cricut credit?

Wife2TJ said...

Yes I did! I'm trying to get everything registered right now and sent off. I picked out my two cartridges and did that, I just have to mail off the form. I am having trouble getting to the website they listed for the $100 credit at I may have to call pc if I can't get on there tomorrow :-)

flowerdisco said...

I canceled mine but I still want it. The deal at M's is very tempting. I am pretty sure I am going to get it very soon. I was going to do it today too and my son needed something and I could not stop at the time, instead went to J's later on and got more paper, like I need any :)

Sheryl said...

I got mine from HSN, but if I had known M's ws gonna hve this offer, I would have waited and gone there. But I'm happy with it :)Hope you enjoy yours too!

flowerdisco said...

Hey, I forgot to say I am glad you got it, Enjoy! and let me know more, (the honest and brutal truth) about it, LOL.