Wednesday, October 21, 2009

To Gypsy or not to Gypsy?

I was so excited about ordering the gypsy. Now reading on the cricut message boards about all the issues people are having with there's and everything that it was promised to do and doesn't. I am thinking about changing my mind about ordering it. I ordered it through HSN and it hasn't shipped yet and they haven't changed me yet so I can change my mind.

I know with HSN I can "try before I buy" so I am considering trying it and seeing if I like it, I'm just really not happy with the way PC is handling the whole gypsy thing right now and that is also swaying my decision.

I am also thinking if I don't get it I can save my money and get some of the new carts that are coming out as I'm definitely not getting rid of my E! I'm almost thinking that may be the better decision. This was supposed to be my anniversary gift which is in 6 days! Yay wedding anniversary!!! So I know I can change my mind on what I want. lol!

Just curious what others are doing / thinking about this whole thing right now. Yes I know it's been talked to death over at the Cricut message board and people are probably tired of hearing about it, so I'm sorry if i'm bringing it back up, I just need to make a decision soon and while I usually don't have issues with making decisions with this one I am :-(


Deneen said...

I ordered thru HSN because I could send it back. Well,I got her, played with her, and am keeping her. I was worried about it myself. So much complaining but found that I am enjoying my Gypsy. I would take delivery and then make a decision.

~~Lorrie~~ said...

I understand your dilema. I got it, I love it and have had no issues, however, I'm not an advanced user, I use it mostly to do titles and a few things here and there. I really like being able to sit in the family room and design and love that when I do go to crops, I don't have to take all my carts with me (though I don't go to many crops). I have no regrets with my purchase - I do think it will continue to improve and more features will become available in time.

Sheryl said...

To Gypsy

Live Love and Scrap said...

Hope you had a nice anniversary and hope you are LOVING your Gypsy as I am!!!

At first I was a bit discouraged...I just didnt get it...but once I got used to HER...I just love her...she is so easy to use once you get used to how she works. One thing is I HAVE to use my handbooks or I go crazy...other then that, I have no issues and I am LOVING making word books!!!