Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Did you see the new mini carts yet?

I can't wait. We are going to be able to pre-order them soon! I plan on pre-ordering them again from Terri @ Stampsalive as soon as she get's information on when they will be available to do so. I'm loving these mini cart's they are coming out with.

Some of the black friday ad's have been found and now I am so wishing I had a J's near me. Cart's will be $28.88. Great price!
M's carts will be $29.99 for the regular priced $69.99 carts and $35.99 for the carts that are regularly priced $89.99 (which pretty much means all the new ones I want old west, pagoda, paisley, and sweet treats) bummer! I was hoping they would all be priced $29.99, I'm disappointed :-(
I believe I read at ACM's the carts will be on sale for $35.00
I heard rumor as well that WM will have the carts on sale for $30.00, but they never have any of the new ones in :-(
I hope some online stores have some good deals on the new carts, hopefully we'll find out soon :-)


flowerdisco said...

My DH he might be able to buy some but I hate going out on BF, maybe they can match online.
I can't keep up with all the new ones, PC is dropping them like flies :)

Cinnabon said...

what are the names of these new mini carts?