Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Gypsy update today!!! And it's WONDERFUL

Here is information about the update which I just got done uploading and playing around with and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! :-)

Cricut App Version 1.2 Build 0142: 11/04/2009

Added Features:
  • You can now share files between Cricut® DesignStudio and the Cricut App on your Gypsy™.
  • The Cricut App now supports multi-page design.
  • By holding down the Zoom button and selecting an image on the keypad, Gypsy will now display a full screen preview of the image so that you can see the details of the image without having to go to the mat screen.
  • The name of the cartridge displayed on the keypad window now shows in non-bolded red text if you do not own the cartridge. If you own the cartridge it shows in bolded dark green.
  • On the keypad screen, if you tap and hold an image in the image queue, the cartridge name to which that image belongs will be displayed. Clicking the cartridge name switches the keypad to that cartridge.

  • Welding preview is now faster and shows a progress bar.
  • Welding preview no longer has to be redrawn when you zoom in or out (you can now enter preview mode and zoom without having to wait each time you zoom).
  • Dragging large groups on your mat is now faster.
  • Load and Unload button on the cutting menu is now smart. If you have a mat loaded in the Cricut machine the Cricut App will only display the "Unload Mat" button. If you do not have a mat loaded it will only display the "Load Mat" button.
  • Updated keyword database.
  • Updated the warranty to expand the warranty coverage form 6 months to 12 months (please read the warranty for details).
  • New firmware for the Cricut machine that enables some of the features above and improves the reliability of cutting.
  • You can now use the zoom and pan buttons to scroll up and down through your file lists when opening and deleting files.

  • Reported welding issues have been fixed.
  • Selection boxes that appear around images and groups have been improved so that the show correctly even when they spill over the edge of the mat. The boxes display while they are being dragged. They do not show when at rest.
  • The Cricut machine remembers if you are in mm or inches after you shutdown and then restart.
  • Designs that contain templates, where the template contains images you don’t have the rights to cut, can now be cut*.
  • *Note: Previous to this Circuit App release, if you attempted to cut a design based on a template containing an image you don’t have the rights to cut (even though the template does not cut) the entire design would not cut.

Gypsy Sync Software (MAC/WIN): 11/04/2009

Added Features:
  • Add the ability to transfer files to and from your Gypsy. Files that can be transferred are *.gypsy files.

Know Issues:
We are aware of an issue with Skewing/Slanting. This capability does not function properly when transferring files from Cricut DesignStudio and Gypsy. Files that have Skewing/Slanting in them may not have the same Skewing/Slanting or in some cases the Skewing/Slanting is completely removed. This only happens when transferring files. You can transfer files and then add Skewing/Slanting. This is known issue that we are still working to resolve. Images that have skewing/slanting that are transferred might not cut properly until this issue is resolved.

Multi-page Files
Transferring designs with multiple pages from Cricut DesignStudio to Gypsy is available. You will also be able to create new multi-page designs on your Gypsy and cut them on your Gypsy. When transferring any multi-page design from Gypsy to Cricut DesignStudio the pages will all be combined into one page. This includes designs that were created in Cricut DesignStudio, transferred to Gypsy and then transferred back to Cricut DesignStudio. We recommend that you keep a copy of the original Cricut DesignStudio files when transferring them to the Gypsy and vice versa.

Gypsy Synch (Mac)
The installer does not automatically close the old version when installing the new version. You must close the old version when installing the new version.

Gypsy Synch (Windows)
The file list does not automatically refresh. You must refresh in order to see the updated file list.

Gypsy Help
The help files have not been updated since the previous version.

Cricut Firmware Upgrades
When Gypsy recognizes that the Cricut firmware needs to be upgraded the Gypsy will not tell you this until you hit the exit button. You can upgrade your Cricut firmware manually by pressing the menu button and selecting Upgrade Cricut.

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flowerdisco said...

I haven't touched my G since registration. I am so scared of messing it up. I am so proud of you, so brave with all those messy updates:) I asked my son to help me so maybe this Sunday I get it going. Let' see how brave I get, lol.