Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New Cricut Cartridges..........

5 of the new cartridges that are to be announced tomorrow are up on the provocraft website.
Sentimentals, Heritage, Forever Young, Tie the Knot, and Songbird (listed in that order below)

I can't wait to see what other images are on them. Apparently some of them have font's and or images as well, but you can't tell what those are here, can't wait to find out :-)

I won't say there's one I don't want, because whenever that happens someone creates something with it that makes me want it. lol! :-)


flowerdisco said...

I am gonna have to sell Lulu to the highest bidder to get some of those new carts...No Way! JK but Santa is already broke :(

flowerdisco said...

yeah! I saw you too! Wasn't fun?

ArchivingAngel said...

Thanks for sharing the info on these new cartridges. I have to do a better job of keeping up.
I wanted to wish you a wonderful holiday.
All the best.