Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Thank you for the thoughts.....

I still haven't gotten to post. I am still having bad migranes and they are referring me to a neurologist soon! I've been on all sorts of med's to help, some have helped some haven't. I have cut out a bunch of die-cuts with my new cartridges I got at M's sweet treats, pagoda, paisley, and old west. I just need to get them all put together and hopefully get some cards made with them.

Just wanted to say THANK YOU For the thoughts, and hopefully i'll feel better SOON, this has seriously been going on for over three weeks now :-(

(my attempt to try to get some images cut out so I can put them together and actually make some cards to show y'all. lol!)


flowerdisco said...

Love that frog, gotta make a card with it.

Let us know what the neuro Dr. says about your migraines.

ArchivingAngel said...

Sorry about your migraines.
Will have to keep you in prayer.
Take care,

Michelle B said...

Feel better soon! Loving all thos images you did get cut though.

Michelle B.

Sheryl said...

Hope you feel better soon!