Monday, September 27, 2010

Butterfly Project

Check out the Lime Light Blog for some information on the Butterfly Project. This is an absolutely AMAZING task. It's for the Houston Holocaust Museum's children's exhibit. A few years ago I went to the Holocaust Museum in DC and it was a true learning experience. You were in complete silence the whole time you were taking in what happened during the Holocaust and to the victims of the Holocaust. Learning about what happened and coming to grips with the fact that people out there could do something so horrible to other human beings and treat them like they did is unbelievable till you go there and experience everything in the museum. I just cried while walking through it with my mom. The butterflies are meant to represent the 1,500,000 children who's lives were taken during the Holocaust. You can read more about it here The Butterfly Project-Houston Holocaust Museum

The Lime Light Design Team  will be collecting the butterflies made from our design team members and those who would like to participate with us. The deadline for the butterflies is coming close. They are to be mailed by 9-30-10 to the address listed on the Design Team blog. If you need a few more days you can email them and let them know. I'll be finishing my butterflies up hopefully this week/weekend to mail in.

Thank you for reading this and hopefully considering to make some butterflies for this project even if you can only make a few, you will still be helping to bring memory to a few children's lives that were taken.

Proud Lime Light Design Team Member


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