Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Thank you card for doggie kennel

This is a thank you card for the guy who owns the kennel that boarded my dog when we were away. She got sick and he took her to the vet and gave her all her medication when we were gone and we just really appreciated it. The idea is for the card to be from "Sally" our dog to him. She is a chocolate colored dog so I thought this looked like her. lol!

The dog is from Paper Pups and the thanks is from Wild Card. I used stickles on the nose and the wording. I think it came out cute! I loved the paper it has embossed doggie bones on it, how cute is that!!! Went perfect with the card  :-)

 And this is "Sally" my fur baby and inspiration behind the card. lol! ;-)

And this is just for laughs. lol! ;-)

Hope everyone's having a WONDERFUL week!!! I'm ready for the weekend to come already!!! :-)


Audrey Frelx said...

What a really cute card and such a nice thing for your kennel owner to do -- taking care of Sally!!! And I have to say Sally is beautiful!!! I could just love her up!!!

Great card, so cute and I know he's going to really appreciate Sally for thinking enough to give it to him!

Saints Rule! said...

What a cute card!

Gracie said...

Oh Sally is just the cutest (don't let my little Sydney hear me say that)!! The card is adorable & I love that little cartoon!!

MaryNSC said...

every thing I OWN is..
EVEN My goat tooo...:O)