Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Creative Mess....anyone wanna help me clean?

That's exactly what i'll be doing this weekend. I've made such a mess in my scraproom and really need to clean this weekend. Anyone else's room look like this. LOL!


Kristi W said...

Mine is MUCH worse. Had a scrap day at church on Saturday, so I took a bunch of stuff to work with. So I have my normal mess, the mess I created looking for specific stuff to take, AND the totes and boxes with things I took to the scrapday that I haven't put away yet.

And I got a wild hare earlier today to start sorting through some of the boxes under the tables to take out stuff I won't/don't use.


MaryNSC said...

MINE IS A MESS tooo Y DO I do that I craft on top of Crafting.LOLOL
I try to clean up but I get so excited I see soemthing all are making and I have to JUMP up and make it right then..LOLL