Tuesday, June 07, 2011

My thoughts on the Imaginisce/Bazzill bling stencil/templates (kinda long)......

My thoughts on the Bazzill  bling templates and the Imaginisce i-rock stencils. I bought some of each of them. I was really excited to get them. Ok, my first order arrived today, here's what I ordered. Three Bazzil bling templates, One Imaginisce i-rock stencils, Imaginisce i-rock glam rocks-hearts, and Imaginisce I rock hot rocks-glitter assortment.

I like that the Bazzill bling templates are plastic and they come with a little ring so you can hook them through it and keep them all together. This is a big plus. Down side was the flourishes were pretty big and were too big to fit on a standard A2 card. I love the alphabet one and think it will be great for monograms. Comes with upper and lowercase letters.

Below is the I-rock stencil. I like the flourishes, and that they are smaller and will fit on a standard A2 card. They are very cute! I dislike the material they are made out of. Its some weird flexible material. It uses smaller and medium I-rock hot rock/glam rockss. It also comes with some flowers and some gems/glam rocks which is cute, but I would rather have a sturdier plastic stencil than the flowers and bling. Just my opinion. Plus for storage I like how you can keep the bazzill bling templates together with the little ring.

Here are a comparison of the sizes. On the left is the Bazzill bling templates and on the right is the Imaginisce i-rock stencil. You can see that the Bazzill ones are larger in size.

Now what I don't like about them both. I have some of the hot rocks which comes in different colors and are in the round containers, I just bought the glitter ones and was so excited to use them and especially the pearl glam rocks with the templates. NOT HAPPENING :-(

The glam rocks that comes in the lip gloss looking containers and the hot rocks in the round containers won't fit in the templates (unless you are putting them in the larger holes on the Imaginisce templates. They are too big and you cannot lift up the template after you heat up the glam rocks/hot rocks I figured this out before I tried to heat them up thankfully, it just didn't look right. So I can't use my regular sized glam rocksl or glitter hot rocks like I wanted :-( I can only use the little bitty clear hot rocks that I have in the round container, where the hot rocks are a bunch of different sizes and then for the Imaginisce stencil I can use the regular hot rocks in the larger holes. (sorry if that got confusing) {If someone knows a way that the stencils will work with the regular sized glam rocks/hot rocks. PLEASE let me know. I would be so happy}

With the bazzill bling templates the holes are all one size and I can only use the tiny gems in the template:-( Very disappointing since I really wanted to use the regular sized glam rocks/hot rocks with the templates :-( I'm just really upset about this b/c I was not expecting that and was really looking forward to making cards with these, but I hate that I have to go buy more tiny hot rocks just so I can use these. I ordered 3 more Bazzill bling templates and 3 more Imaginisce I-rock stencil kits and they should be here soon. If I knew about the regular glam rocks/hot rocks not fitting I wouldn't have ordered so many. lol! 

Ok so I made a card using the Imaginisce stencil. Looking back now I should have chosen a solid color paper instead of this patterned paper. You can hardly see the hot rocks on this paper and I totally feel like I wasted my small hot rocks making this. Oh-well. I thought the paper was pretty and didn't think about the visibility of the hot rocks on it. 

Here is my Imaginisce template. I have placed it on my card, and put all of my jewels in the stencil holes. You can see if you click on the picture to enlarge it how small the hot rocks I had to use were? It was very time consuming to put all the hot rocks in the template and then heat them all up so they would stick. I don't know if I need new batteries in my tulip heat setter, but it seemed to take awhile to heat each gem up, especially the larger ones.  *Click on the pictures to see a larger image*

My card completed. It's hard to see the gem flourishes on the card. I'm not happy with the way it came out at all. I would like to play some more with the gems and stencils, but I was a little aggravated so I thought I would try another day. lol! The Thank you was cut out on my Cricut using silver paper (really shiny and pretty up close) and my country life cartridge.

P.S. {These are all just my opinion and like aniy woman I am free to change my mind at any time so feel free to try to persuade me to <3 these stencil/templates}

Card Details-
Cricut Cartridge-Country Life
Imaginisce stencil-flourishes, and I-rock hot rocks
Recollections Silver card stock

Thanks for looking!!! :-)


Lisa said...

Thanks for your review of the templates! My iRock is still pretty new to me. My frustration is that it takes sooo long sometimes for the rocks to set, especially the larger ones. Sometimes I'm a little low on patience, and end up sticking a dot of glue behind them instead. I did use the stencil once and it worked pretty good, but you are right, the material is a little funky. I hope the toe is feeling much better!!


Shelley said...

Your Thank you card is very pretty! Like the bling! I don't have or use the iRock, etc so sorry I don't have any advice or opinions on that! But I did wanna say thanks for your sweet comments on my blog! I'm now a follower on your blog! You have beautiful creations!


Sherrie K. said...

Thanks for the info on the templates. I need to get a few and try them out with my i-rock. TFS!
Sherrie K

Dina said...

I don't have an i rock,but thi i great!!Mes me want to buy one!! Hugs! Dina

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Oh this is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS... it may have taken you awhile.. but WOW.. I love it..

Julia Aston said...

How funny that you reviewed this and I drop by! I happened to have gotten some of this stuff in a prize package from Papercrafts Mag - and it sits in a basket on my desk waiting for me to be inspired - I couldn't quite figure it out or why you'd want to use it (!) - and your review tells me there's no rush in playing with it!!

Enfys said...

Well the end result is really pretty. Thanks for the review, I was wondering about these templates. Could you maybe mark dots through the templates, and then use the bigger I rock stones (don't really know what I am talking about, as I don't have one :)

Staying Crafty said...

Thanks for sharing all your thoughts! I always wonder how easy to use and versatile products really are, and so I love to see in depth personal opinions about them :) Love your blingie card.

Joanne said...

Really pretty card and lots of good info! Thanx for all the input. What a fun bunch of goodies to play with! Hugs, J:)

Emily said...

Love your card! I saw these templates before, and I can't wait to find them in a store by me! TFS!

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

Pretty! lots of bling. I have the I rock but haven't opened it!

Audrey Frelx said...

I think this card is just beautiful, and I really love the bling -- love it!