Tuesday, September 27, 2011

All about my frustrating marble magnet experience. lol!

I've been trying to make some marble magnet sets to give away as Christmas gifts. I have been having a hard time with them and have been messing around with them a lot. I am getting some spots where it looks like the paper is not touching the marble inside, other times I'm having some bubbles in them (mostly if I use paper that has glittered images on them) I have been spending a TON of time looking on sites with tutorials to try to figure out how to make them come out right.

I was taking the patterned paper, putting the E6000 on it and then smooshing the marble on top of that, waiting a day for it to dry and then cutting the marble off the paper and trimming around it so it looked nice. Then I started thinking maybe if I cut out the patterned paper first to fit the marble, then smooshed the marble on it the E6000 would smoosh out easier and I wouldn't have any imperfections under the marble. I tried a few like this today and will see how they come out tomorrow and see how that works.

Right now I got about 7 sets (of 6 magnets in each set) done, after making Tons of marbles and being picky and only using the ones I thought were good enough. lol! Im using E6000 for gluing the marbles to the paper and gluing the magnet on as well. I tried Glossy accents and it didn't work well at all, I tried zip dry glue which was a total fail, the marble comes right off the paper after it's dried so can't use that. Tried modge podge like stuff and that didn't work to my liking. I went out and bought Aleene's glass glue today and will see how that works, seems the E6000 (as much as I Hate the smell) works the best. I have gone through MANY marbles, and patterned paper, and glue during this process from mistakes. lol! :-(

If anyone has ANY advice on making marble magnets I would really LOVE it! :-)
I have been obsessing over making these for a week now and I just want this whole thing to go better than it has been. I still have a bunch I need to make :-)

Thanks for listening to me (if you made it this far) ramble on about my marble magnet drama. lol! 


DIANA L. said...

Sounds like a great idea I might try it if I come up with a solution I will get back to you.

Sandy from Ukiah said...

Oh I wish I had some advice for you, but I have never done that.. but looking forward to seeing yours... good luck..