Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fiskateers Crop :-)

I went to a Fiskateers crop on October 8th and had such a WONDERFUL time! I wanted to share some pictures from the crop. I joined the Fiskateers back in 2006, my Fiskateers number is # 463. I hadn't visited the Fiskateers site in awhile, just because life got busy. I received an email from one of the Fiskateers in my area about the crop they were holding and I was so excited to go. It also reminded me I need to get back on the board more often and have been since :-) The message board is full of a wonderful group of women, and there is no drama, which is nice :-) Just sharing what you have created, talking to others, and lots of support and kindness :-)

 Give-a-way time!!! Fiskars was so generous and gave us lots of goodies to win and as treats for coming. Thank you Fiskars!!!
 Some of us cropping, the other half were doing make-and-take's :-)

  Some more of us croppers. There was a nice amount of people there, and I was so glad to get to meet other Fiskateers in our area :-)

 Me setting up my crop space-sadly that wasn't all I had with me, I couldn't decide what to bring so I just packed a ton of stuff with me and ended up taking up the whole table. lol!

Me and Karen :-) She was one of the wonderful new friends I made
Me sharing my 2 cards I made at the crop (yes only 2. lol!) I was so busy chit chatting with all these lovely ladies that I didn't get much creating done.

Thanks for looking!!!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week! I am, but have been having some really bad asthma issues this week and have been put on even more medications and having to use my nebulizer a lot more :-( But the prednisone and new med's are starting to kick in and I'm FINALLY starting to feel better and being able to breathe more on my own for the first time since Sat so hopefully i'll be better by the weekend!!! Yay!

PS-Wanted to add a picture of the make-and-take (So cute) I had never used a paper crimper before and making this was so much fun!!!


Sandy from Ukiah said...

I love meeting new friends... sounds like you had a blast.. and your cards are adorable.. So glad to hear you are feeling better. Hope you have a wonderful weekend... hugs from ukiah

- said...

Hope you get to feeling better. I've never been to a crop, but would love to know more about them. I'm thinking about having a crop to raise money for the American cancer society. I'm the captain for the relay for life team at work. If you wouldn't care to give me some information like maybe what you do ? Howuch they usually are?? I would really appreciate it.

The cricut scrapper at yahoo dot com

Karen said...

You did such a fabulous job of sharing the Fiskateers event and your blog is amazing!!! I hope you are feeling better also. I will be praying for your healing. Talk to you soon!! And thanks for the shout out!! :-)

the cricutologist said...

Wow how fun! How do you become a Fiskateer? I love anything that involves meeting new crafty friends! I hope and pray you are well soon!


Groovy Deborah said...

Hey! I see me in one those pics, lol! It was so nice to meet you for the short time I was able to be at the crop! It was a lot of fun and I hope to see you back around the Fiskateer board. You just HAVE to put those cute cards you made in your gallery over there for the non-bloggers to check out! You put some serious work into them!!! Hope you are feeling better. It is all over my house, even two of our kitties!


Miladylc said...

From the photo's it looks Like you had a great Time, crops are fun I have been to a few, I learend very quickly to get there a bit early and get my items set on the table as soon as I can, last crop we helped with by the time we got back from running to get a forgotten Item for the crop Our stuff had been moved to another an this one lady took up the whole table with her stuff the 3 of us had to share one table, what I learnd is just take the items needed for 3-5 projects (scrapbooking or card making this way if you run int to a table hog you can keep your ite,s in your bag on the floor next to you and bring out what yu need one project at a time : )